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India Palace

Exotic flavors and aromas of the uniquely delicious cuisine of India. Delectable curries, richly flavored kormas, kabobs grilled to perfection and other authentic dishes from the subcontient

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120 W 1st Street

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(931) 525 -1190

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10. Vegetable Samosa Appetizer


Crisp flour patties stuffed with delicately spiced potatoes and peas

11. Vegetable Pakora Appetizer


Fresh Mixed Vegetable battered with chickpea flour, Indian Spices, and deep fried

12. Onion Bhaji Appetizer


Sliced Onions Deep Fried in Chickpea Flour mixed spices

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13. Samosa Chat Appetizer


Mashed samosas mixed with sauteed chickpeas, plain yogurt, mint, and tamarin sauce garnished with cilantro

14. Paneer Pakora Appetizer


Fresh sliced paneer deep fried in chickpea flour batter and mixed with Indian spices

15. Govi Manchurian


SPICY. Cauliflower battered into corn flour mixed spices then deep fried and sauteed with tomato garlic based special Manchurian sauce

16. Veggie Manchurian Appetizer


SPICY. Mixture of stir fried fresh veggies, corn flour, ginger, garlic paste, and a pinch of Indian spices deep fried into a round shape and sauteed with Manchurian sauce

17. Chicken Pakora Appetizer


Tender Chicken Breast Strips delicately battered with corn starch, Indian spices and ginger and garlic paste, then Deep Fried

18. Chicken Lassoni Appetizer


Diced Chicken Pieces cooked with Garlic and delicately spiced

19. Chicken Manchurian Appetizer


SPICY. Chicken cubes are marinated in spices and battered with corn flour then deep fried and tossed with Manchurian sauce

20. Mutton Lassoni Appetizer


Mutton pieces cooked with garlic and delicately spiced (bone-in)

21. Shrimp Lassoni Appetizer


Jumbo shrimp cooked with garlic and Indian Spices

22. Lamb Lassoni Appetizer


Cubes of lamb marinated in spices and cooked with garlic

23. Keema Samosa Appetizer


Ground lamb meat satueed with peas with Indian spices then stuffed with flour patties


Tandoor is the traditional Indian oval shaped clay oven. All tandoori food is grilled on charcoal at a high temp and is fat free. Served with rice OR plain naan


Fresh baked Traditional Tandoori Breads



All dishes served with fragrant cooked Basmati Rice

48. Daal Tarka


Yellow lentils with delicious spices

49. Aloo Jeera


Potatoes cooked in a cumin seed base - A North Indian specialty

50. Aloo Gobhi


Fresh cauliflower and potatoes sauteed in onion, tomatoes and mild spices

51. Daal Maharani


Black lentils cooked in butter, onion and tomato sauce blended with delicious spices

52. Bhindi Do Piaaza


An exotic blend of okra and dry spices stir fried with onions and tomato

53. Baigan Bharta


Charbroiled eggplant cooked with onion, tomatoes, fine chopped ginger, garlic and traditional spices

54. Channa Masala Punjabii


Chickpeas and potatoes with sharp spices in a gravy of ginger garlic sauce and assorted spices

55. Malai Kofta


Homemade cheese mixed with veggies, nuts and mildly spiced and served in a creamy sauce

56. Kadai Paneer


Mildly spiced homemade cheese cubes tossed with onion, bell pepper in onion and tomato based sauce

57. Paalak Paneer


Fresh spinach sauce and homemade cheese seasoned with finely chopped ginger, garlic, herbs and traditional spices

58. Mutter Paneer


Green peas and paneer cheese cooked together in onion, ginger, garlic, herbs, tomatoes and spiced mixed sauce

59. Navratan Korma


Choice vegetables, paneer cooked in a cream sauce with exotic blend of nuts and spices

60. Paneer Makhani


Homemade cheese cubes cooked in butter, cream, herbs and fresh tomato sauce

61. Gobhi Makhani (Chef Recommended)


Cauliflower sauteed in an exotic blend of butter, cream and spices. CHEF RECOMMENDED

MURGH (Chicken)

All dishes served with fragrant cooked Basmati Rice

BHED (Lamb)

All dinners cooked with fragrant cooked Basmati Rice


All dishes served with fragrant cooked Basmati Rice

DEGCHI SE (Rice Dishes)

All biryani are served with Raita and Paapdam



Great American Brownies-

Please be aware if you are adding Marble Slab to another food order, there will be an additional $2.50 delivery fee. If you are ordering only Marble Slab, the delivery fee is only $4.95.

Marble Slab Ice Cream-

Please be aware that if you adding Marble Slab to another food order there will be an additional $2.50 delivery fee. If you are ordering only Marble Slab, the delivery fee is only $4.95.

Great American Cookies-

Delivery fee from MSGAC is $4.95. If you are adding Marble Slab to another food order, the delivery fee is only $2.50 from Marble Slab!

20 oz. Bottles of Soda/Drinks

2 Liters of Soda


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