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1. What is Food of Your Mood?

We are a restaurant delivery service for local restaurants listed on our website. We take your order by internet or phone and place it with the restaurant of your choice. We dispatch a mobile waiter to pick up the food, pack it in an insulated carrier bag and delivery directly to you. Our mobile waiter will be waiting at the restaurant when the food comes out of the kitchen to help ensure you recieve your food hot and fresh.

2. How do I order?

There are 3 ways to order:

  1. Online at FoodOfYourMood.com
  2. Download our apps:
  3. Call us at 931-432-1199, or Toll Free at 833-432-1199

3. How does it work?

Enter your address to find some of your favorite local restaurants available for delivery. Select items you'd like to have delivered and enter any special instructions (if applicable). Pay with cash, or credit, then kick back and relax; we've got it from here. Your friendly local food runner will be knocking on your door before you know it!

4. Did my order go through?

If you recieved an email confirmation you're all set! If not, just chat in or give us a quick call and we can help.

5. How is the delivery fee structured and what are additional costs?

We have a $4.95 delivery fee. That fee covers up to an 8 mile radius from the restaurant. Additional mileage is $0.75 per mile over 8 miles.

Service Fee- If you order from a restaurant that is not a Full Partner there is a service fee that will be added at the end in the checkout box. We do not add these cost into menu prices, it is added in your cart with the tax total.

Processing fee- We have a processing fee of $0.50 if you use a card. That is the lowest processing fee in Cookeville.

6. How long does delivery usually take?

Most deliveries happen within 30-60 minutes, though when stars align, we have had drivers arrive in under 15! Even on busy nights, when kitchens are overloaded and traffic lousy, we still do our best to arrange delivery within 45 minutes to an hour.

7. My Food of Your Mood order was cancelled. Why do I still see a charge on my debit or credit card.

Orders that are cancelled are immediately voided from our system, and the funds are sent back to the banking institution at midnight CST. Depending on your bank, it may take anywhere from 3-7 business days to full refund back into your account. This is strictly dependent on your bank policy, and unfortunately we cannot expedite the process.

8. My order was missing items or came incomplete; what do I do?

Use our OLARK chat box on the home page of the website. Or please contact one of our dispatchers directly at our dispatch center by calling Toll-Free (833) 432-1199 or by sending an email to foodofyourmood@gmail.com. Rather than contacting the restaurant directly, we are happy to fix any mistakes made, and will redeliver or credit you for the inconvenience.

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